Thursday, August 12, 2010

A new mascara every 3 month? HUH?!

Did you know that you should change your mascara once every three months? I didn’t. I had to find out from another Avon representative who was giving a lecture. What else didn’t I know?

Why do I need to change my mascara every three months? I figured it was just a way for the makeup companies to get more money out of me by playing to my fears of gross makeup and stuff actually doing bodily damange. I mean, really, who doesn’t have makeup that’s a year old that they still use on occasion? (And yes, I’ll admit that I have a eye shadow pot that I treasure from Body and Body Works (back when they had their own makeup line in 1998ish) that I still use to this day because I love the color!)

But what’s the deal? Why do I have to buy new mascara so often? From the internet research I could find (which isn’t saying much as I often question the veracity of internet claims), it looks like there has been a trend since 2003 to put “use by” dates on makeup so that we (as consumers) are not opening ourselves up to contamination, infections, and chemical burns (mostly from “natural products” that have gone rancid!)

But basically, this is the motto I subscribe to: if it’s going on my eyelashes or lips (two areas very close to orifices – e.g. my mouth and my eyes) I’m going to replace it when it’s time to replace it!

Here are some signs that your mascara needs replacing:

  1. If it becomes clumpy
  2. If it appears flaky and dry
  3. If you notice a change in its color
  4. If you notice it has a funky or rancid smell
  5. If you recently had an eye infection (continuing to use it can lead to further infection and contamination)
  6. If the mascara in the tube has come into contact with water (water contains bacteria)

So … every 3 months, I purchase new mascara; one that’s best for me.

Wait … what? You don’t know what kind of mascara is best for you?

Avon has a surprise number of mascara types, styles, etc to choose from. Such as:

My favorite new tool though is this little gem. Jillian Dempsey (Patrick Dempsey's wife who is a makeup artist to the stars!) for Avon Professional Lash Booster! Honestly, I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I rave about it to everyone! It makes your eyelashes look like you've been using fake lashes without the feel of goopy lash enhancers and shenanigans like that!

Check out my website at, call me at (508) 320 - 1580, or email me at to order. And, as always, any questions you have (private or public), please call or email me!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebrate from mark. limited-edition set

Celebrate with this new limited - edition set from mark.

mark.'s newest fragrance, Celebrate. Look what this deal includes:
  1. mark. Celebration eau de toilette

    This is a a fruity-floral scent that captures the love of life's moments, and the happiness they bring
    • Top notes: citrus petals, queen pineapple, mirabelle plum
    • Middle notes: star jasmine, osmanthus flower, spring muguet
    • Dry notes: golden woods, marshmallow musk, heliotrope mousse
    • 1.69 fl. oz.

    This eau de toilette will be $25.00 in an upcoming mark. magalog (but if you want just this item, you can order it from me (not my website … me) for $18.00 (072-535)).

    Shimmer Powder Brush:

    Shimmer powder is right inside the base—just flip over and gently shake to propel the powder through the brush. It leaves skin lightly scented with a soft golden shimmer. Apply on shoulders, arms and d├ęcolletage. If you bought it seperately it would be $14.00 in the mark. magalog (but if you want just this item, you can buy it for a limited time for $10.00 (048-398)).

    The key notes in mark. Celebrate were all chosen for the festive feelings they evoke: Queen Pineapple (brightness and playfulness); Marshmallow Musk (warm and fuzzy); and Osmanthus Flower (known to be stimulating and to increase happiness).

    To enhance the staying power of your mark. Celebrate, first spray the fragrance on your wrist (don’t mash you arms together because you can bruise the fragrance this way). Then, apply the shimmer powder over top of the eau de toilette. This will help to strengthen and lengthen the staying power of your scent!

    Rock Glitter Bag with convertible strap. Use it as a mini shoulder bag or wristlet! 8" L x 1 1/4" W x 4 1/2" H (4 3/4" handle drop)

    Gloss: gorgeous in shade bella.


    This is a limited time offer. Prices will be valid until August 19, 2010. Get yours today. Remember you MUST call me (508) 320-1580 to get this deal as it is not available via the website (