Friday, July 16, 2010

Eye Shadow

It's been a while since I've posted. I know. I'm terrible!

I've decided that since I devoted so much time to lips earlier in the year ... it's time for eyes.

Let's start with eye shadow!

Eye shadow. We all love it ... most of us wear it well. Some of us (no names *cough* me *cough* have an entire drawer devoted to eye shadows in her makeup tower (yeah I have a tower ;))

Choosing Colors for Your Skin Tone and Eye Color

Honestly, the best advice I ever got about eye shadow was when I was sixteen. A saleswoman in Filenes answered my question of what color would look best on me with this question: “What color do you like the most?” She went on to explain that it’s all about liking the color, applying it right, and then rocking out with it! So try a bunch of different colors and work ‘em!

But I guess that the “experts” (who ever they are) say that there are some loose guidelines to which colors work best for certain skin tones and eye colors:

Fair skin: You can wear most eye shadow colors, but keep them in the lighter shades, especially for daytime wear. If your hair is dark, you can go with slightly darker eye shadow colors. Medium plums, purples, lavenders, greens or blues all work, but line your eyes with the same color as your shadow.

Olive-toned skin: Colors in the brown family work well for a subtle look. Choose the ones that are slightly darker than your skin tone, or try a gold that really glimmers and shines. Other colors to try include greens, aquas, purples and blues. Use an off-white, shiny shadow on your brow bone to make your eyes really stand out.

Golden-toned skin: Apply pale gray, slate blue, purple or pink on the lids and one shade darker in the crease for accent. Highlight the brow bone with off-white shadow.

Light brown skin: Brown shadow with a shimmer works beautifully, but don't shy away form vibrant shades like greens, blues or purples. Keep the shadow sheer, and use one that sparkles.

Dark skin: Try eye shadow that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Try using a shadow with gold or silver flecks of shine. If you prefer a little more color, use deep shades of purple or burgundy and line the eye with dark colors.

Most experts don't advocate trying to match your eyeshadow to your eye color. Instead, follow these guidelines: Green eyes look great with purples, bronzes or browns; blue eyes perk up with peaches, yellow and golds; and for brown eyes, anything goes.

If you can rock the leopard look that’s cool … but I wouldn’t go into a business meeting with this look! :)