Avon Home Party - Host or Hostess Packet


Thank you so much for booking your Avon Home Party with me! You’re in for an entertaining and educational evening. Be sure to invite as many people as possible, your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Don’t be surprised if others you don’t know want to join in on the fun! Let everyone know that the more they spend, the more FREE stuff you are going to get. The more people to attend, the higher your sales, and the more credits you will receive toward FREE products!

This is your hostess kit. You can go to www.youravon.com/BrittaOConnell, click on the shop now tab, and click on the shop brochure picture on the left hand side to see the current catalog (this site for your party will become active at least 5 days before your party and 1 day after). If there are people who can’t make it the night of your party, but who would like to place and order, I will count those sales toward your party total (This equals more free stuff for you!!) by giving you an online site they can order from (or you collect orders and payment before hand and give them to me the night of the party – I will give you a formula to add tax and a service charge). I am, also, enclosing invitations, tips for success, and what is an Avon Home Party. Don’t forget to look online for amazing benefits at www.youravon.com/BrittaOConnell.

Guests at your party will order in a public or private setting in a separate room with a door. Orders will arrive 10-14 business days from your party date. (That is company policy; in reality orders are probably shipped earlier) I will be able to take all forms of payment the night of your party. If someone is paying by check make sure they have their driver’s license ready.  I look forward to seeing you at your party. If you have any additional questions you may reach me at the locations below.

It is encouraged that your party does not include children (under 10) but it is not a big deal.

Thank you so much for being an Avon Home Party Hostess!

Here is one opportunity your friends won’t want to miss to learn more about Avon products and general beauty, skin and hair care tips that are valuable to everyone!

As the evening’s Avon Home Party hostess, you will receive valuable credits for all your efforts!

A FREE gift from me plus,
10%-15% of your Total Retail Sales in FREE PRODUCT.

$150-$499 party = 10% FREE
$500+ party = 15% FREE

Are you over 18 and want to get a guaranteed 20% off your order? ask me about signing up to become an Avon Representative! (It only takes $10.00 and one hour of your time!)

Make sure to write down your party date and time!

What is an Avon Home Party??

An Avon Home Party is held in a woman or man’s home where guests can view, sample and purchase Avon products (makeup, hair care, skin care, bath and body, shoes, clothes, jewelry, novelties, home decorations, kitchen aids and much, much more!) in a place where they can feel comfortable talking about products that they may be unfamiliar with. Guests are encouraged to ask questions about how these products are used.

There are two types of Avon Home Party:
  1. Demonstration Party (most common): Where the guests all come together to learn about Avon products with demonstrations. (this party is free for the hostess and all participants)
  2. “Teach Me” Party: Where at least one adult is present. Most common guests are under 18. It is a learning party where the guests sit around and learn about makeup, application, types, and appropriate products for their age (which will help them to look their age). Each guest will go home with samples and a sheet explaining how to apply the products and which products, colors etc would be best for her individual coloring. (There is a fee for this party which will be applied to the purchase of makeup that will be given to the guest of honor – birthday girl, adult hostess’s daughter/granddaughter/niece etc. This will be determined before the start of the party).

All ordering is confidential.


Invite As Many Guests as Possible
More guests means higher sales, which equal more free items for you! Encourage guests to bring a friend or two or even three.

Make Reminder Calls to Verify
It is always a good idea to call your guests a day or two before the show.  It works well as a reminder and gives you an idea of how many will be attending.

Please Urge Guests To Be Prompt
This allows me to show as much as possible and permits all of your guests to enjoy the full presentation.

Ordering is Confidential
Typically, I do a 1 hour presentation in the living room, and then guests will be sent to the “Designated Ordering Room” where they will place their order with me. NO ONE will know what others have purchased unless he/she informs others themselves. This private room is not necessary if you do not have a separate room to use.

I accept cash, all credit/debt cards and personal checks (as long as the guest has a valid driver’s license). Any person under 18 MUST have an adult verify that they are allowed to make this purchase OR have an adult complete the purchase online. Any outside orders from guests who cannot attend will be added to your party total and increase your credits. Just have the person ordering put her order and her method of payment in a sealed envelope and I will take care of it the night of the party. (Tally their order. Then add $0.75 (a mandatory Avon (nonrefundable) service charge). Add MA sales tax (6.25%) and you will get your total cost). If you are unsure about how to do this, please call or email me with the information. Checks should be made out to “Britta O’Connell.” Please include date of birth, phone number and license number on the check or order form. (Payment can’t be processed without all information) Please refer to ordering directions for more info.

Cash and Carry
During your party, I will have and explain many products which I have on hand. These products (indicated with a sales sticker on them) will be for sale. All items in the “Cash and Carry Basket” must be paid for the day of the show (cash or check – no credit cards). There is no service fee or Avon Service Charge for these items and the host and/or guests may take the product they have purchased home that day.

All goods will be delivered to the hostess for dispersal back to her guests unless otherwise indicated (shipping and handling costs $3.00 for standard shipping (4-7 days), $15,90 for expedited shipping (2-3 days), $20.90 for overnight shipping (next business day).

Some General Reminders

About 1/2 of your guests won’t be able to come so invite everyone

Share the fun. Have guests bring a friend or two. (more free credits for you)

Call everyone a day or two before your party to remind them

Anyone who can’t attend can just place an order in an envelope.

K.I.S.S. …  Keep it Simple, Silly!!!
Call and invite people instead of cooking a 5-course meal. Don’t worry about the house or food. Have chips and dip. We’re going to have a great time, so relax!

And remember ... call or email me if there is any problem! Email, (508) 320 - 1580, my Avon website ... and my BEAUTY BLOG