Thursday, February 10, 2011

Perfect Eyes: Blue Eye Kit (from mark.)

Perfect Eyes

Blue Eyes Kit

All words in bold are Avon products available through mark. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these items!,
(508) 320 - 1580 or

Blue Eye Kit

Included in each kit (chosen by mark. makeup artist Jaime Greenberg) is:

  • snap to it custom color palette in size mini
  • (2) i-mark custom pick eye shadows in eye enhancing shades of tiki and gloia
  • no place to run long wear eyeliner in a complementary shade of foxy brown
  • make it big lash plumping mascara in the shade of raven
The kit is item # 274-917. This $30.00 value is yours for $25.00 for all five parts!

"Orange is the direct complement for blue, so related shades, like golds and warm browns, act
as eye-poppers too," says Greenberg.

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