Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brushes and Glam Case

5 Full sized Brushes & A Glam Case to carry it all!

  1. Super Pro Brush Case: Zip 'em up and carry 'em with you - at least seven full-sized brushes fit in our bronze faux leather case. Inside, skinny-handled brushes rest nicely in individual spots on the left, while larger handled brushes can sit together in a big pocket on the right (9.25" L x 3.5"H - including zipper pull) - $8.00 if purchased individually
  2. Powder Brush: A large, fluffy head of super-soft hair allows for smooth dusting of powder over the face (7"L) - $10.00 if purchased individually
  3. Blush & Bronzer Brush: The flat shape of this medium-fluffy head of hair allows for a controlled dusting of color across the cheeks or face. (6.5" L) - $8.00 if purchased individually
  4. All Over Eye Shadow Brush: Wider than most eye shadow brushes, this one's ideal for depositing an intense shot of color across the lid. (6.5" L) - $8.00 if purchased individually
  5. Concealer Brush: Flat, tapered bristles are just right for depositing and blending medium-to-heavy concealers. (6.5" L) - $7.00 if purchased individually
  6. Flat Eyeliner Brush: Flat, densely packed bristles allow for a controlled application. (6" L) - $7.00 if purchased individually.
If you purchased each item individually, it would come to $48.00.
Price: $30.00 (Save $18.00!!!)

All words in bold are Avon products available through mark. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these items! BrittaOConnell@gmail.com, (508) 320 - 1580 or www.youravon.com/BrittaOConnell

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