Thursday, September 8, 2011

Avon's Come Home For The Holidays

Avon hosted another huge get together down in Uncasville, CT today. At the Foxwood's Resort, Hotel and Casino, they had the Avon's Come Home For the Holidays event. There was a demo of the holiday items, raffles, a fashion show, and info session ... along with a bunch of free gifts. I went down with my sister-in-law and fellow Avon representative, Michaleen and we had fun.

Michaleen in the info session in the afternoon.

The crowd at the info session (10 - 3:30 expo time slot).

The projectors were used to display all sorts of things from products to information and from commericals that will be aired on national TV time slots to info sessions for representatives, like the one from Mike S. (who we met when we went to NYC back in late winter/early spring) who told us all about how other Avon products can dress up or down current clothing items that were now on sale through Avon.
There were two screens so everyone could see and hear. The speaker(s) stood on the platform/stage and spoke.

I caught Heidi not paying attention.

Far away shot of some of the girls from 2414.

Closer up!

Donna, the Mayflower Division's leader.
This lady spent a good amount of time talking about Genics, a great new product that is like a miracle in a jar! So excited for this!

Everyone asks: where does the Genics fit into my skin care regime ... well, it takes the place of your night cream or your emulsion at night time.

The fashion show featured a bunch of the new clothes for the fall/winter 2011! This was model #1 with jeggings and great boots!

Model #2 had on a neat Aviator jacket and fantastic boots!

Model #3 was sporting a cute retro dress (belted but the belt is not included) and some FABULOUS taupe boots with great accents on them ... clearly, I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Model #4 had on a cute dress under a faux fur, reversible vest.

The next few models were all showing the 5 way dress in a few different ways that you could wear it!

All the models up on the stage.

Then, we saw a slide show with all the up coming holiday bundles. The one above has one of the newer fragrances (at the top), an Anew bundle in the gold quilted bag (bottom right), and the bundle I am wicked excited about: the fragrance testers (bottom left). In this bundle, you get eight smaller/trail size fragrances and a voucher for one free FULL SIZED fragrance (of the eight in the packet). I want one of those!!

These makeup palettes are so pretty to look at and I can't wait to get my hands on them too. I mean ... look at the one in the top (middle). That just makes me salivate! I love colors!!!

These bundles, top middle: lip glosses; bottom left: nail polish; and bottom right: eye liners, will make GREAT stocking stuffers this holiday season!!!
More great items including a Foot works bundle, a new holiday hand soap and cream with a new caddy, and the Wonder collections (a new fragrance line).

Step into Sexy is our new sexy fragrance with hints of amber, woods, and oriental. Very Very seductive!!

This guy was HILARIOUS. Spoke like Barry White. HILARIOUS!

New Men's fragrance: Urban Edge!

A new men's care line called Core elements!

Even mark. is getting into the holidays.

And who can forget that Tiny Tillia is launching at the end of September!!! So excited!

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