Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get The Look: Beaded Beauty

Get the Look:

Beaded Beauty

by mark. makeup artists

All words in bold are Avon products available through mark. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these items go to and search for the product or click on the links below. Be sure to "find a representative" and put in my name (First name: Britta; last name: O'Connell; state: Massachusetts) and click select when you find my name. Ship anywhere in the USA - contact me for shipping codes!)

Model is wearing the bead you to it bracelet.

Eyes: Run keep it going (in compact: exposure in the taupe shade) all over eyelid concentrating extra color along the crease. Run keep it going (in compact: entourage in silver shade) as if you were using it as an eyeliner. Be sure to exaggerate the width of the line you create and stop your line mid-eye. Then use no place to run (shade: jet set) along the upper lid. Apply two coats of lash all you want (shade: black).

Cheeks: Apply good glowing (shade: golden glo) in an E and 3 pattern on face. (E and 3 mean forehead, cheeks and jawline on each side of your face). Then apply good glowing mosaic blush (shade: chica) on the apples of cheeks.

Lips: Finish the look with pro gloss (shade: splashy).

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