Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Week of Lip Gloss and Lip Stick

This weeks blogs will be devoted mostly to lipsticks and lip glosses. Post any questions you might have here or email me at I'll try to answer them all.

Do you love lip gloss but hate the idea of your lips shining like they did in high school?

That's me all over. I could (and still can't) find a lip stick or a lip stain that I'm totally in love with. My solution has always been lip gloss. But, as I'm becoming an adult (and yes, I can admit this as I'm coming up on the 30 milestone!) I've realized that I can't wear all the same makeup that I did when I was in high school and college.

My newest love though is Avon's Lip Gloss line. Called Glazewear, it comes in three finishes: Intense, Shine, and Sparkle. Even Prevention Magazine called it one of their picks for "products with the sex appeal of lipstick and the youth appeal of gloss."

Above you can see all the different choices you have to pick from in each finish.

Let me explain a little more about the finishes. Let's start with Intense.

Intense is going to be just that ... intense. All the colors are going to pop. You know when you go to a drug store or a department store and there these tubes of lipstick/gloss that offer you long lasting, all day coverage? You have to put the color on first and then the gloss goes on top of that? (There are usually two tubes: one with color and one with a gloss connected by a central connector with applicators attached to it). The color is usually gloopy and the gloss is too shiny.
Avon's Glasswear in the Intense finish are nothing like those. Smooth and sophiticated, you get all the glam and color of lipstick with a kick of shine.

Shine. This finish reminds me of a classic gloss. Not too eye catching (in the "omg, what was she thinking") but more of the classy "look at my gorgeous pouty lips" way. You are inviting others to look at your fantastic lips. This colors highlight and attract rather than scream "omg are you going to the dance on Friday night" which is what most normal lip glosses do.

Sparkle. Now this is my personal favorite. It takes Shine and kicks it up a bit. The colors are explosive. I love wearing Mirage as a stand alone color or over my lipstick to make it pop even more.

Stay tuned for tips on lips, application, and hints on picking out the perfect shade for you!

To purchase Avon's Glazewear from me (Britta), go to:, email me at or call me at (508) 320 - 1580.


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