Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips For Applying Lipgloss

Sick of your gloss looking like you just stepped out of the locker room after PE in high school? Well ... here's a couple of tips (paraphrased from About.com).

  1. Apply properly: Don't put on lip gloss like you would lipstick. Instead of swiping it on your lips, apply the gloss to the middle of your bottom lip only and then rub your lips together. This will keep the gloss from being gloppy and thick!
  2. Put gloss on over lipstick: Try just a bit of gloss over a neutral lipstick or even a neutral colored gloss over a striking lipstick. Same as #1, just a bit on the bottom lip and spread it out from there!
  3. Too much gloss?: Smack lips between a tissue paper, just like you would lipstick.
  4. Make gloss pop by lightening lips with concealer before adding colored lip gloss.
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