Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get the look: The Poof!

by Miok for Judy Casey, Inc.

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STEP 1: Spritz mega volume root lifting spray on damp, just-washed hair to help increase thickness at the roots. Blow-dry hair using a diffuser to bring out natural curl. Still straight? Curl the entire head away from the face using a 1"- or 1 1/4"-inch iron.

STEP 2: Run fingers through the hair to break up curls and give hair a more natural texture. Gather the top section of hair at the crown and pin it up, out of the way.

Take the sections of hair on both sides of the head right below the crown, make a ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Unclip the top section and lightly back comb it at the roots. Pull the section back and determine height and shape of the poof. Secure the poof with bobby pins.

Smooth curl goddess silkening serum through small sections of hair to help limit frizz and keep curls silky.

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