Friday, September 24, 2010

Perfume - Fragrance Composition

Coco Chanel once said "A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future." I'm not 100% sure she's right. I wear perfume but it's usually subtle as I can't STAND the smell of older women ... you know the ones I'm talking about: You get into an elevator and a few seconds later a women who HAS to be 150 if she's a day walks in (of course stopping the doors for closing too! but that's neither here nor there). You start your ride up and as the air in the lift starts to circulate, it's like BLAM! A wall of old musty (probably bought in the 80s) eau-de-old-lady slams into you!

And that my fine feathered friends is why I don't wear a ton of perfume. You can have a strong perfume ... as long as you don't take a BATH in it!

So, let's talk fragrance. How come it seems that all perfumes have so many different layers of scents and different types of flowers or fruit or wood etc? It's called Fragrance Composition.

Fragrance goes through three main stages, in which its intensity changes and different elements of its composition emerge. The stages of a Fragrance are called top, mid and base notes.

Top Notes
The top note is the first impression of a Fragrance. And because of this, top notes are very important in the choosing of a Fragrance.

Top Notes:
  • Get your attention right away, make an impression
  • Strong, but evaporate quickly
  • Common top notes: citrus, fruity notes, and green notes
Mid Notes
As top notes gradually fade away, a Fragrance intensifies and becomes richer as the mid notes become apparent.

Mid Notes:
  • Appear 10-20 minutes after application
  • Form the heart or body of a Fragrance
  • Give a Fragrance overall character
  • Common mid notes: florals and spices
Base Notes
The base notes give the Fragrance its foundation and lastingness, or what fragrance developers call tenacity.

Base Notes:
  • Noticeable 15 minutes after application
  • The final scent to emerge from a Fragrance
  • Bring depth and solidness as a Fragrance fades
  • Common base notes: woods, musks, amber and vanilla
Let's look at the newest scent from Avon ... Outspoken by Fergie.

Top notes of the perfume refresh us with frozen black currant, starfruit and wild saffron, standing in contrast with gentle aromas of the heart (middle). Floral nuances of tuberose, jasmine and passionflower dance together in a passionate and sensual way, while seducing base notes of ebony, leather and vetiver.

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